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BackJoy Posture Plus


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This product is available in our Palo Alto Store

Sit Better So You Can Get More Out of Life

SIT UP STRAIGHT! How many time did you hear those words growing up? Most likely more than you would like to remember, but there's an important and simple lesson in those words.

It's Only Getting Worse

We all know we are suppose to be sitting better, whether you're staring at a computer 8 hours a day or you already have lower back pain. The challenge is that very few people can easily sit with correct posture all day long, even if they want to! This is the reason that we created our line of innovative sitting products. BackJoy Makes "Sitting Better" easier, more comfortable and more consistent.

Key Benefits:

  • Sit with better posture
  • Makes sitting more comfortable
  • Works anywhere - Hard or Soft Seats
  • Completely portable
  • Patented design made with durable material

BackJoy Plus Supports Sitting Posture From The Bottom Up

Correct sitting posture is a simple but very important way to prevent and relieve back pain and keep the back and spine healthy. It is much more than cosmetic and looking good - good posture and proper back support are critical to reducing back pain and neck pain. This is especially important for people who are sitting down for extended periods of time - which ends up being most of since as we average 9 hours of sitting each day. Experts at the world renowned Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic agree that sitting with better posture helps prevent back pain because it maintains the three natural curves of the spine. The problem is sitting with great posture all day is that it gets tiring. The BackJoy Posture Plus support sitting with optimal posture by keeping the pelvis upright and preventing muscles from flattening under your body weight. BackJoy makes "sitting better" easier, more comfortable, and more consistent.

Don't be fooled... although the BackJoy Plus is small and works from underneath you, it's very powerful. The innovative design physically encourage the body to achieve optimal posture by tilting, cupping, and floating your pelvis upright. It's like shock absorber for your spine.

BackJoy "Tilts" To Correct Your Posture

BackJoy gently lifts your pelvis forward to correctly align you spine. This allows your body weight to be placed on proper weight bearing bones, alleviating pain and strain from the spine's muscles and ligaments.

BackJoy Cups Your Muscles To Stop Tightening

Even with correct posture, the muscles in you buttocks flatten under your body weight - creating pain in your back. BackJoy's patented system cups these buttocks muscles and keeps them from flattening. The result is that it immediately stops the automatic tightening of your back's muscles when you sit.

BackJoy Floats Your Pelvis to Eliminate Pressure

Like a pain relieving shock absorber, BackJoy lifts your pelvis off the sitting surface, allowing it to rest in the muscle tissue of your buttocks. BackJoy allows your pelvis to remain upright, like when you stand, minimizing the wear and tear on the joints and eliminating pressure. The result is a pain-free back and muscles when you sit.

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