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Run for the Ridge Trail

The Bay Area Ridge Trail is a proposed 400-mile recreational trail linking our region's parks, open spaces, and communities, providing access to the ridge tops encircling the bay. Over half of the 400-mile proposed trail is already completed, with 234 miles of Ridge Trail open today and another 30 miles of trail expected to open in the fall of 2003. The Ridge Trail will forever preserve the unique and world-renowned natural beauty of the Bay Area while leaving an important legacy to future generations.

The Run for the Ridge Trail was the vision of two ultra runners, Gillian Robinson and Don Lundell. On September 3rd, they completed a run of the entire trail route and connecting roads. Their goal was to raise money and awareness for the Ridge Trail and the benefits the trail provides to the region. They ran approximately 500 miles over 13 days, beginning on August 22nd, 2003. Don and Gillian were inspired by Dinesh Desai and Bob Cowell who, in 1999, successfully completed a through-hike of the entire route.

Don's photos, taking during the run

Contra Costa Times photos

Vallejo Times-Herald article

Napa News article

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