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ZombieRunner Customer Testimonials

Read what our customers are saying (actual customer comments)...

"A true quality customer experience only comes along once in a blue moon with most companies, but it's a daily occurrence at ZombieRunner! I cannot begin to rave enough about the overall superior quality of their service and attitude with which they do business. I've never had a better experience shopping online. From the prompt responses and attention to customer needs, this is 'the' site for running/ultrarunning gear. While most zombies will grunt and eat your flesh, these Zombies will meet your every need with a smile!" Cameron Kelly

I would like to upgrade my rating for your service but there is no category above "excellent".

Thanks. Everything about your company is top-notch, and you can certainly count on me for continued business. Your shipping costs, customer service, and products, in general, are the best I have found. You didn't have to reply personally to my returned item, but you did. This type of response to your customers' needs puts you head and shoulders above the competition. Thanks again.

You guys are unbelievable! ZombieRunner.com just became my favorite online store for all my running needs.

Already today, just 2 days after ordering it, I have received my order. Thank you so much!

And upon opening the invoice package the little Jelly Belly package fell out and I heard a dual "JELLY BEANS" scream of my 3 and 5 year old daughters.

Thanks folks! That is what I call shopping with an experience!

This coffee is amazing! Just brewed a cup in the French press, and it tastes fantastic. It's like there's a party in my mouth, and everyone is invited.

I love your selection of products!! Thanks for adding new stuff all the time! If Zombie Runner were a country, I would move there.


Greetings - I am so impressed with the efficiency of your organization. I placed an order on Saturday, and I received the items at work TODAY! I'm generally a little skeptical, working with new (to me, and in general), small organizations, especially when they're across the country! But my experience with ZombieRunner was just spectacular. Super quick, efficient packaging, free sample!.....outstanding. If (when!) I'm in need of anything more to help satiate my running obsession, I will definitely be in touch.

Thank you!

Customer Comments Thank you! I am pleased you offer shipping by regular mail. It is annoying that most internet stores make you pay something like $8 for shipping a small item by UPS when you don't need it quickly anyway.

Hi Don and Gillian, I just want to say thank you for your time and hard work at Badwater. I think the foot care team was the most popular group there! Many runners and crews talked about how much you guys helped them, even saved their race. From the runner/crew perspective, it was fabulous for you to be able to provide a much-needed and appreciated service. From a medical perspective, having you there freed us up to focus on other medical issues. From a personal perspective, it was great to see you there... well, because you guys are just cool people. Thanks a ton! Lisa

You guys rock! My last order was placed right befor Badwater and i thought I was out of luck until you got back, but you got it out the door before you left. Most apprciated, and thanks for the Sport Beans--I've been meaning to give them a try.

You're my new heroes.

I checked and the package arrived at home a little while ago. Now I get to play with my new toy tonight before heading out tomorrow night / Saturday on the trails.

Thank you for the service.

Hallo Gilian hello "my Doctor" Even I saw what you did in 2003 there in Death Valley. I am very impressed. You are so modest. You told not a single word of your event to us.Once more I have do say thank you for your unselfish help in Stovepipe Wells. Without you and your wonderful treatment I would never had reached my goal. Many greetings also to Don of Austria from Gudrun, Wolfgang and me!

I just logged in to send you a note and found yours -- the package arrived safely this time. Lots of great stuff inside. I think blister kits are fantastic, though I hope not to need too much of the goodies they contain.

Thanks for all your help. I will be making another order very soon.

First, I just want to say how pleased I am with your service. I cannot believe how quickly I received my order and how well you packaged it. I also appreciated the extra little goody to try out.

I should not be surprised that you responded so quickly. You definitely are a customer-service oriented establishment and it is a pure pleasure doing business with you.

Dear ZombieRunner, I wanted to thank you guys so much for being such fantastic businessmen. I had placed an order on Monday and just this morning it arrived from CA to NJ. Aside from upgrading my shipping for free, you also enclosed a free sample of the Sports Beans, a product I wanted to try in the future. You guys are so awesome, I'll be ordering from you for life. If I get the Race Ready shorts for the Philly marathon, I'll be sure to order from you!

Thank you! Just wanted to say thank you for something you did at Badwater for me. It was early on day two. Our crew plan included some regular off-road time to keep each of the crew fresh. It was my turn as two members returned to the road. Our runner, Jay Hodde, was making his way up to Townes Pass. The returning crew members had checked out of our rooms at Stove Pipe and the next rooms at Lone Pine wouldn't be available until later in the day, not to mention some 60 miles away. I and another crew member pulled into Panamint with two objectives, get ice and a place for me to sleep. I was tired enough to sleep anywhere. After verifying that there was a "race" room and it's location, at least one objective would be met. What happened next was an unexpected surprise - the Zombie Runner's dangled a room key and offered it up as a place to shower. Seems that a runner had a room that they were either done with or no longer needed and it was available until 11:00. As only a road warrior would know or appreciate - no finer gift exists! I had one of the best showers of my life, returned the key, and headed over to the race room for a quick nap before returning to the road to crew. This is type of thing I always remember about the many trips across the desert. Thank you! Bonnie Busch

I'm using the taping techniques I learned from you at Western States when my hubby and I go on our delayed honeymoon to Maui. We're going to be doing some hikes, and I know the taping will come in handy for both of us!

Mary Ellen needed new shoes. She's worn the Vitesse and loves them, but it's hard to find them locally anymore, and she wanted to take the shoes to Pittsburgh with her tomorrow. So I visited the Montrail site in search of dealers in our area.

Hmm, Zombie Runner - I know that name. It was exciting to visit Don and Gillian's site - it's been polished and expanded since I browsed it last, with a greatly expanded product line. And - bliss beyond compare - they carry shoes. And, holy smokes, they carry the Hammer Nutrition line (Perpetuem, Heed, Endurolytes).

I called the number, feeling not a little nervous. Don and I had corresponded and discussed ultra list topics offline for perhaps 6-8 years, but we'd never spoken or met in person.

Guess what? Blow me down if Don and Gillian don't live six blocks away!

Mary Ellen and I made a date to come over. Mary Ellen found her shoes (Vasque Blur - she loves them). And visiting with Don and Gillian was wonderful.

I had no idea what to expect. I don't want to embarrass D and G, but what I felt in their presence was that through all their running they've absorbed into themselves something of the wonderful essences of the places where they've run. The energy that I felt was the purity and sweetness of clear mountain streams, green forest, and beautiful meadows.

I spent most of the time talking with Don about his experiences and about logistical matters, electrolytes, diet, etc. Later, Mary Ellen and I were at a restaurant having lunch, and I asked her if Gillian had been helpful. "Oh, yes," she said. "She was so sweet. She really helped me, and she was very patient. I felt comfortable with them; it was like I knew them already."

That's how I felt, too. My spiritual teacher says, "If you want to be an artist, keep company with artists, and if you want to find God, be with those who know Him." Being with Don and Gillian, even for a little while, reminded me in a deep, vibrational way what it is that I'm seeking when I'm out on the trails. It's that purity, simplicity, joy and open heart.


Dear ZombieRunner,

My name is Mark and I am a friend of Shannon's. I watched you tape her feet in the hotel room at Badwater this year. I was the one who had sunblock go into my eyes and I could not see.....

Anyhow - I want to give a huge thanks to you for all the awesome products that I receive from you. I finished the AC 100 last weekend and your products helped a ton. The flashlights worked amazing and it was good to have the mini as a back up as I needed it for sure.

I did not have any blisters for the first time ever!! I used about a 1/2 tube of Hydropel on each foot and it worked amazing!!

The ginger chews are really good - but next time I will unwrap them before the race as I had a hard time opening them when I was tired and grumpy!!

I did not use a crew or a pacer so I really needed your products to perform, and they worked great.

Another great service from your company is the quick shipping and the orders are always filled complete.

I am spreading the Zombie Runner name.

Huge thanks again and keep up the good work.



Your website is awesome! I have just recently graduated to ultrarunning distances and love this website for checking out all the stuff I might need when running for long hours, in darkness, and all the fun stuff we do! Thanx!

It was Finney's Friday Free Stuff that I first heard of Java Juice. Now that my husband and I have tried it we are hooked!

We now take it with us hiking and backpacking. It tastes so much better than the instant coffee that we used to bring with us.

Also, my husband now stocks it in his office at work and his co-workers are always asking where he gets the great coffee. You will definitely getting a lot more sales of Java Juice.

Thank you so much for so many great products.

I used the burn pads after a 20 mile practice walk and I could not believe how GREAT they were. I have to have them for our 3day walk...they are remarkable!

About DC's 2006 Badwater photographs: These are the best images of Death Valley and the Badwater event that I have ever seen. You have accurately captured the essence of the place and the event. As photographer and Badwater finisher, I really appreciate your work. Congratulations! I look forward to running with you sometime soon.

cool site - lotsa great stuff. i'll be back.

Everything got here today and the kits are fantastic! You all are super and I am really looking forward to meeting you in person.

Race Director, Mother Road 100

Thank you for the Excellent service!!! You have gained a loyal customer...

I was given a sample packet of the 2x3 baggies at an ultra marthon event. Instead of filling them with electrolytes or pills I fill them with gummy bears or Mike & Ikes. They're a handy way to carry around candy during a long training run and small enough to fit inside my fanny pack.

Thank you for shipping my order so quickly and for not gouging me on the shipping charges. I do appreciate both. Best of luck to your business.

Thank you for the pictures! Everything looks great and I'm very pleased with the quality of the photos. Thank you once again and all the best for the future.

Thank you! I am pleased you offer shipping by regular mail. It is annoying that most internet stores make you pay something like $8 for shipping a small item by UPS when you don't need it quickly anyway.

You guys are great! I got the last order within 5 days, the fastest I ever got anything from the US. Great service!

I have a "Thank You" plaque from us at the ranch on your way. The Cardiac Run went over very well and I hope the runners that participated will find y'all some buisness. My offer will always stand if you folks are ever in this part of the world come by the ranch and allow us the chance to show our brand of hospitality. Thanks again and I hope we can do this again next year.

thank you for being the best running store there is!

I was just looking for jelly belly sport beans for my dad, for christmas, and found other great gifts. I will definately spread the word and shop here in the future!

Here's another satisfied customer for your foot care kit and taping techniques. My sister-in-law is a rower and she's had some heel blisters, so I lent her my Zombie foot care kit, and it worked! I sent her a link to the Spenco 2nd Skin for a really meaty blister on her hand since she won't be rowing for a few days while we all go away for a long weekend. So, I just wanted to let you know that rowers love your products too!

Just to say a big thanks for the order which arrived safely today. Amulet has been whisked away before I could see it, but my wife and kids are impressed! Thanks for such great service, first time I've ordered anything from overseas - I'll definitely be returning in the very near future, trouble is there's just too much to choose from! Gonna have to be some WS100 or Badwater gear I think! Will be recommending you to all my running buddies!

Happy Holidays to you to, and thanks for your great and ever-improving website and service.

Wow, that was quick. Received it today!

Sweet site. Just happened upon it thru a convoluted series of mouse *clicks.* Quite serendipitous!

I e-mailed you guys with a question regarding sizing; within three hours I had an educated and helpful response. Thank you

For every "petite", ok lets call us short women runners out there. I received my Ultimate Direction Wink hydration pack and LOVE it. There is no waist strap to cause stomach distress and there are loads of pockets and it fits perfect. I ordered mine through ZombieRunner and it arrived FAST. Finally a pack that works!

I placed an order on Thurs 1/11/07 and received that order on 1/13/07. This was the first time I have ordered from your website and am very impressed with your service. Keep up the great work. By the way I love my new shorts with all their pockets.

In a time when customer service is expected to be great and is rarely mediocre, it was a real pleasure to do business with Zombierunner. My wife recently purchased a Badwater shirt and the Running on the Sun video from you guys. She was very pleased with the the quick service and shipping. After a recent sleet storm here in Oklahoma I realized that my marathon training may be in real trouble. I had just gotten over an illness, then this storm hit and it put me behind in my training. Upon reports of a follow up snow storm coming this weekend (8-10 inches) when we still don't have clear roads I knew I was headed for trouble and a further setback. I can't stand the treadmill so I knew I had to do something. I ordered a pair of Yaktrax on Monday night with hopes that maybe they will barrive by the weekend if all the stars align. Sure enough, I received them today (Thursday) and used them tonight while running on 4" of sleet. Great product, great service, great prices and a totally great experience. I hope to be a long time customer.

I just received my new Fenix L2P flashlight today, after just having ordered it on Saturday-that's remarkably fast service! I was not expecting it until at least Tuesday, so this is really great. The light looks and feels great, and has great light output for it's size. It's even smaller than my mini-mag lite AA light. This will come in real handy this fall and winter, I'm sure, as we loose daylight for running. Thanks very much, Ron

I love your inventory. I'll be back to purchase the Big Foot Care Kit. Thanks!

I will absolutely order from Zombie Runner again! I placed an order on the evening of February 6, and my package came today, February 10, all the way from California to Southern Illinois. I love the multiple shipping options and the great product selection. Plus, their prices for Powergel are the best around! Great experience!

Wow! What great service. I attended your TNT workshop on Sunday at John Muir. Sunday afternoon, I placed my order for my safety vest and received it on Tuesday, just in time for my evening TNT Buddy Run! I've never received any internet orders in the mail so quickly.

I used your on-line Live support and was very happy with it. Thanks!

Your service is exemplary. The new shoes fit just perfect. Thanks for your help, look forward to dealing with you again!!

I would like to thank you for such a great site and most important outstanding customer service.

What a fun store! Can't wait to receive my order full of neat things!

Thanks for letting me know; its pretty cool to have a company like yours that is so responsive to an inquiry like mine and supportive of the sport in general. I've had nothing but great experiences with purchasing from Zombie Runner.

As always your company sets the standard in customer service and communication. I am deployed in Iraq and your company, hands down, has the best service, even halfway around the world. Thanks again!

Wow, you two. I have never in my life received such outstanding customer service from an on-line business.. EVER. I ordered some of those tasty ginger chews & a DVD yesterday morning, and came home this afternoon to find them waiting for me in my mailbox... and with a little tube of lip stuff as a thank you for such a miniscule order! Thank you so much. I will definitely be ordering from ZombieRunner again.

Thank you for your help; you guys are great! Next stop Boston! My feet thank you.

I have been very pleased with my past orders with you guys. There are many running stores out there, but none that can relate to the "ultra runners" needs like you can.

Wow! That was fast. I received my order to China in only 3 days. Everything made is successfully. Thanks again!

Hi, Zombies, Wow! What fast service. It's refreshing to see such a service driven company. Keep up the good work. Thanks Mike

Great web site. I am a first time visitor and will be back.

I have been ordering Oral Ivy from your web site for several years now. My husband and I love the product and are referring people to your web site all the time for it. Thanks!


Thanks again for your prompt attention to this matter and excellent customer service. ZombieRunner is on my list of Internet favorites for the next time I need to look for trail running gear.

Hey there, just wanted to thank you guys for the extremely fast send out of items prior to MMT, WOW! The Fenix light is just awesome, glad you decided to stock it. I have been talking it up non-stop and ref you as a source to my club. Thanks!

Thanks so much! This is by far the best customer service I have ever received over the internet. See you at Western States!

Repeat customer! Love you guys!

Thank you so much for the fast response and I am very impressed with your excellent service. I think I will become a loyal customer of zombie Runner in the future and let my friends and relatives know about you.

I wanted to say thank you as I have received each order very promptly and I can rely on the order arriving before a race even if I procrastinate a few days before ordering. In one of my orders you were kind enough to send some of the GIn GIn Boosts. I had wanted to try them in a race but just never order any. I tried the samples that you sent and I loved them. This last weekend I ran the inaugural Run with The Devil 50 mile race in Boulder City, Nevada by Lake Mead. The temperature reached approx. 113 degrees. As a treat every so often and to keep my stomach calm I ate a Gin Gin Boost and they always went down well. I did not wait until I felt nauseous, I just periodically ate one as a treat and insurance. They worked out well. I also liked the High Sierra sunblock that worked out well in the long direct heat of the day. Thank you also for the extra packs of the cytomax.

Thanks for your help. I need to order my shoes and Coffee! "The elixir from the gods." All one really needs in life are good running shoes and awesome coffee! ;-)

The Mysore coffee is VERY good.

Thank you for a great variety and running specific products, especially the coffee!! It's a great addition to your product line.

I also wanted to mention that for years I have adamantly!! avoided purchasing running shoes via catalogs/internet due to the lengthy snags of getting a shoe that not only fits correctly but also meets a runners needs, not to mention the the hassle of returning a pair if needed. With the trusted pros at ZombieRunner I nave happily converted.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me about shoes the other day - I can't wait to order the Tevas.

Am so lucky I found your site on the net, can't wait to see the dvd's!!!!

Wow - great site. I just found it. Thanks for the low prices!

Hi There Zombies,

You are so awesome with your service! No one else can beat that fast turn around time. I am excited to try out all the items and know I will enjoy the UD hydration pack. I will keep the chain of recommendations for you going out to my friends. I plan to keep more orders coming your way so that means I better run more mileage.

Hi Zombies,
Bought some coffee (Dancing Shiva Blend) at Western States and you asked me to let you know how we liked it. It was fantasic! Our old coffee maker gave up so we bought a new fancier one, coupled with your coffee it made mornings well worth getting up for.

Thanks for providing reasonable shipping options/costs for small purchases. That's why I shopped here.

you are freaking awesome!
My order arrived today!
Thanks for the little packet of suncreen too!
Did I mention that you guys are the best?

I will also be running TRT100 this weekend, and in 100% brand new everything. My simple flight from Oslo to London to SF turned into a 50 hour ordeal Oslo-Amsterdam-London-Los Angeles-Reno (with 3 kids no less). Our baggage didn't make it, and now 2 weeks later they still have not made it. I owe a HUGE thank you to ZombieRunner for getting an emergency order of just about everything I needed for a 100M out to me record fast!

We've stayed at the Marriott several years in the past the night before the Eppie's Great Race as we are again doing tonight. They usually have a pretty good brew (well, you know) in the lobby...not so any longer, since the re-model this year, that free service is no longer available, but there is a Starbucks in the lobby that opens at 5:30........I can't take any chances on the corporate coffee chain any longer.......my AeroPress is packed and ready for the road trip as we speak (write)...... the hall near my room will be full of he smells of the Indian Mysore at 5am......

Thank you for not screwing customers on shipping - everyone else does and so I buy from you.

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the "extras" you sent with my order. The sunscreen is much appreciated. It's very nice of you to include something unexpected.

I just wanted to thankyou for the super fast delivery of first purchase from your store. A little over a week to get to Australia was excellent. Thanks also for the extra gifts! I am sure I will be back to buy more.

I love your variety of variety packs!! Brilliant, and I'm always anxious to support small businesses.

I ordered an Eco-mesh Shirt & two pairs of Injinji socks on Sunday & they arrived on Wednesday-couldn't believe how fast you guys are. Tried both items on a trail run this past weekend. I was running down a steep mountain incline that contained alot of scree, slid & fell over the edge for about five feet before catching a branch which broke my fall (otherwise I'd have been "toast"). Just wanted you all to know, even though I have some minor bruises, the Eco shirt didn't have a scratch. Amazing! It also kept me cool in temperatures pushing 100 degrees. The socks are incredible. At first I thought they'd be really uncomfortable and bulky. Boy, was I wrong. Extremely comfortable and cool. So thanks alot for having such good products. (PS: the sample of Body Glide was great!!)

Thanks for the super fast handling. Saturday order, Wednesday delivery!!!

Many thanks. I have heard how wonderfully you treat customers. I can now add to the good comments I hear.

Wow, thanks. It's nice to deal with a company that wants customers to come back. And you have made a fan out of me. Next time I need running supplies I'll check you guys first.

ZombieRunner is the only place I've found which carries all of the best extreme foot care and repair products.

Thanks for getting back with me so soon. I am really impressed with the customer service. I already received my last order!

Great runner goodies. Excellent website.

We shop here for several reasons; Great products, great service and great support for some of our favorite events. Thanks.

Wow what great service!!!! Thank you very much! I will definitely order from you guys again. I love the Apple-berry Cytomax by the way.

Great on line support. Looking forward to getting my order.

You're the bomb! Really appreciate it. Also appreciate your quality of service!

First let me say how impressed I am with your customer service- I think I've mentioned this before, but working in the retail service industry myself, I truly appreciate what you do.

Stone Steps 50k in Cincinnati--I won a door prize of Zombie stuff (which I loved). Thank you for supporting events.

Just wanted to thank you for making my first order experience with you a great one. I placed my order on a Friday and received it the following Monday. That was a great surprise as I have never received mailed items from California so quickly. Thanks again.

My previous order arrived so quickly! Thanks for your dedication to the running community.

Wow, I am blown away by your super speedy service! I just ordered the Triumph pack yesterday afternoon and it's already on my waist. Incredibly fast service! Thank you!

Thanks for making returns so easy! I'm bookmarking your site!

You guys are the best, seriously. Regarding that one great comment, I'd be moving to the country of zombierunner tomorrow (if it actually existed).

Aloha HURT 100 in January!! Mahalo for such a great web site!!

Finally recovered from the Jungle Marathon. My Ginger chews were fantastic treats in the midst of the battle. The taping information was the best. I was blistere free. Thanks!

Your on-line support is phenomenal. Thank you!

Great - thank you so much! This is the best collection of ultra running stuff that I could have possibly ordered for my husband. Thank you for the great website and products! And I love the free gifts (ginger candies and Sharkies).

I received my order today. Thank you for such fast service. I will definitely order again.

Kudos to Zombies!

Of course, my shoes did arrive on time. I am in my 3rd year of race running (ran all of my life on and off). I love those Roclite 305s for the road. Anyways, I hit my goal of under 4 hours in the Rocket City Marathon. Those shoes were simply awesome right out of the box.

Hi there. I placed an order from Canada from ZombieRunner just over a week ago, and it came today! I wanted to thank you guys for your awesome service, even your packaging is cool! I'm thrilled with my order and will definitely place another one! Happy holidays!

Thanks so much for the such prompt delivery - yet again. They arrived in time for me to take on our 11hr run yesterday. Kind Regards

P.S. Those watermelon chew things for women you sent as a sample, were the nicest sports (gel/chew) I have ever tried. Thanks. Will definately try remember to order some on my next order.

Great to see the DVD selection is expanding. I am very impressed with how quickly I receieved my last order. Thanks.

My 8 y/o daughter just loves your logo. For her birthday this year, it'll be matching Zombie Runner caps!

I love you guys! My entire Christmas list came from this site. It was the best Christmas ever!

Repeat customer - you guys rock!

Nice to find one place that stocks Badger AND Ginger People items.

Great service. Love my Inov-8s.

VERY fast shipping - ordered yesterday - got it today! Thanks!

Great service with my last order, and I'm happy to keep my business with small Bay Area businesses instead of large chains. Thanks, Zombies!

I've shopped Zombie Runner for a while, and wanted to thank you for supporting races like HURT.

GREAT SITE!! I'm a 50 mile walker for MS and this site is great for the little things that I need...

This is an awesome site. Glad i found it. Plan on returning to browse often. Really excited about finding the smaller size of bodyglide---hard to find!

Ya'll have a great deal on shipping! Everywhere else I've tried to order my Cat Crap from has either been out of stock or had outrageous shipping costs! Thanks!

Just wanted to let you know that my order got to me right on time. We did our 16.5 mi long run in the mountains today and enjoyed our watermelon jellybellys tremendously. So much better than gels. Spotted a bag to my running buddy's mt biking hubby and he really liked them too so we'll be ordering more soon.

We love shopping at your (online) store :)

Thanks for the great selection! I found everything I was looking for!!!

Ordered two pairs of shoes and Gu on 27 Feb, they arrive in NZ today - March 3. Now that's service! Thank you Zombies

You guys are always speedy and accurate. And the zombie chapstick with a bit of mint is the best ever! Thanks for taking care of all of our needs - this is the only time I like shopping!

Hello Zombie Runners: Hopefully you will not consider reading this quick message a waste of time, but I just wanted to say, WOW, I am so happy that I came upon this wonderful resource. I should be sleeping, but I am navigating the hell out of this website because there are so many cool parts about it. I am basically thanking you for your existence. I have a feeling I will be back time and time again and I will be sharing this website with all of my running pals here in Boulder. Just so you know, great idea advertising in the Rocky Mountain Sports Magazine, as that is how I discovered you. Cheers!

BTW, I've been browsing your store while checking to see if the shoes were in. It's like a candy store for runners (or bakery, or coffee shop; wait it IS a coffee shop).

I previously ordered from you guys about 6-9 months ago, and it was a great experience. I love the actual shipping cost (instead of way inflated), which makes it easy just to pick up a couple of items. Your newsletters are also great, I actually read them as opposed to filing them in the trash for most of the other "running stores". Thanks again, and keep being awesome.

Just wanted to say the watermelon jellybellies were *awesome* during catalina two days ago. We were running with the jellybellies, the amphipod, and the "bitesize" bodyglides we got here. This is a store that understands the distance runner, sells at great prices and does NOT gouge on shipping, *and* regularly sends out generous coupons. I've told quite a few other runners about this store, with my highest recommendation.

Thank you in advance for your inexpensive shipping charges. Good work!

I just want to tell you how much I love ZombieRunner.com. With my first Western States coming up, I know I can trust the products you sell because you're ultra runners too! Thank you for helping set my mind at ease, knowing that my run will be even more successful with the products I've gotten from ZombieRunner!

Fantastic site. Very pleased with the products available as well as the pricing. I will certainly be ordering from Zombie runner in the future. Thanks!

You gals & guys are doing a great job. I'm 200 % satisfied with your products, your friendliness, service AND quick shipping times to Europe! Hope to meet you someday in person - be it at your store or in one of the races! Love from Germany

Love your website! Thank you for making shipping charges affordable.

Great seeing you at Coyote Two Moons. Can't wait to do it again. Thanks for everything you did to make it the best event ever!

I just wanted to say thank you so much. I heard of your website from a friend and I love it. In addition to a great store, the customer service has been above and beyond. Thank you for all your help and fast service! Any business I can do with you, I will!

I told you I would be back, LOL Great product! Great Services! Gets Repeat customers. Thanks

I placed order on Monday and received it in the UK early on Friday!! Amazing service...I will definitely be a returning customer...

Just a line to say thanks for the quick shipping on my order. I placed an order on Wed of last week, and I was surprised to see my order on Sat. This was perfect as I had a race on Sunday and I was able to use my recent purchase from you. I will tell all of my running friends about your neat web site, and hopefully they will order from you.

I found the site because I was looking for someone who sold the Maximum Protect DryMax socks and you were the only one linked to from the DryMax site that carried them. You also had a bunch of other things that I've been trying to find for a long time, such as the sunscreen packets. So thank you, good job catering to the outdoor enthusiast!

I've heard great things about ZombieRunner from so many different places that none of the "how did you hear about our store?" options really cover it. How about one for "everywhere?"

You guys are tops in customer service and product selection. You are always my first stop shopping when buying my running supplies! Have a great day!

From Brisbane Australia we wish you all the best with your new shop. Your online service rocks, your products and prices are the best by far worldwide! I am not sure why Australians by stuff here and not from you guys. Thanks heaps for the GU gels and the GU2O. Cheers!

I just received my order in a 'recycled' box. Everything was just as expected as always with my order except for the box. I appreciate your environmental responsibility and communication, you set a great example for all companies to follow.

Great product selection and really catered towards long distance/trail runners.

Would you believe another company wanted to charge $7.95 to ship a roll of Kinesio Tex tape?? Thank you for having sane shipping prices!

Thankyou for your swift delivery of my last order. You have made the whole online shopping thing easy and fun.

Love your shipping options. Indeed, you are kind and gentle souls.

Hi, Just wanted to thank you for my Moeben Sleeves. They are much better than expected. What you should REALLY be thanked for is your shipping cost. I couldn't believe how low they are. Lots of times I don't order online because if it's a product I have never tried, I don't want to pay 7 dollars to ship a pair of socks. I wouldn't hesitate to order one item, just to see if I like it, then order more.

thank you for charging reasonable shipping charges! i will be a loyal customer.

Wow! I can't believe how quickly the item I ordered (Nathan handheld bottle) arrived! Awesome service; must have shipped out the same day I ordered it. You've definitely got a return customer for the future.

Great Store! I am a nutrition consultant and eventually want to offer lots of the stuff you guys sell! Keep up the great work!

Great website... super product offerings for us crazies that love endurance sports!

I love doing business with you. I have told all of my ultrarunning friends about ZombieRunner!

Thank you for adding Iceland to your country list and a quick and excellent service. I will inform other runners in Iceland about you.

Congrats on the store! Thanks for your help getting my last order in time for Rio Del Lago. 1st 100!!! I got the bug, now I got to fix my feet.

Got some goodies before from a trail race and hear about you all the time during the endurance planet podcast. You guys are awesome!!

Hi, guys! Would be remiss if I didn't take a second out to say a BIG THANKS for the Lightning-Lightning-Fast ship of my other pair of sleeves!!! They just arrived a while ago . I'll be back in two weeks to buy your coffee!!!

Thanks, this is the first item I have bought from you guys but you've won me over with your fast and real service

Thanks in advance for a great job! You folks always do a great job getting my order to me, and I love the extra goodies.

Got my order today - thanks for such rapid processing and shipping! I was amazed!

Thanks so much! You're now officially my favorite running store!

Thanks so much for all your help - the socks worked great for the JFK 50-miler last weekend and I took the water bottle I ordered as well. I was so happy to receive them so quickly - you guys are the best!!!!

Hi Zombies, Just a note for you guys. I'm training for the Boston Marathon right now and I do all my training outside. The weather right now is really unpredictable and with the snow and ice it really makes it hard to run outside, but not anymore with your awesome product that I just purchased from you. The new Microspikes that fit at the bottom of your tennis shoes. They are going to be a lifesaver for me!!! Thanks again and Happy Holidays.

Just want to say thanks again for the great info and service and super coffee yesterday! I put the word out at my work about your store in case there is anyone out there who would be as excited about having a true trail running shop in their area as I am!

Thank you so much! I ordered the Patagonia Badwater t-shirt last Friday and it just came, great service. I think the shirt is the softest I have ever worn. This was my first purchase and will not be my last. Thanks again.

You guys are the best! I recommend you guys to all my running buddies. Stay great!

Thank you for your help. After speaking with a very nice and knowledgeable woman on the phone, I will order from you every time I need any running or hiking supplies.

Love your fast service. Thank you.

We love you guys and will definitely be back!

You have got to be kidding us. A runnerís supply store with outstanding espresso -- perhaps the best in town? You bet.

I've been ordering here for the past few years. You guys are the best!

I just wanted to THANK YOU for your time and attention to fitting me with my new Montrail Streak trail shoes. You spent over an hour one Saturday fitting with with various brands and sizes. My broken feet, high arches and orthodics presented you with quite a challenge. I have run in them for the last two weeks and they are great !! I am confident that these are the shoes that will take me to my first 100 (WS 09) finish.

Just received a shipment from you. Very pleased with products and everything was so nicely bagged in zip locks and packaged nice. Shows you care about your customers.

Love your friendly service and big selection. I've linked you on my blog to spread the news.

I ordered sports beans from zombierunner.com. Shipping was rapid and I got the product exactly as described. The price was the best I could find as well. Pleasure doing business with you!

Thanks for your great customer service recently via online chat. Looking forward to doing business with you again.

You guys ROCK!!!! Everything came right on time, as promised. I'm so impressed. Thank you!

I love you guys!! Thanks for existing and having such a great selection.

Thanks for having the smarts to charge actual shipping. I'm ordering from you because you shipping rates are not inflated.

My two feet say thanks as you saved their life by shipping me BlisterShield. Thanks.

I appreciate the friendliness and professionalism from the people at Zombie Runner and will be sure to use your website again.

Wow--REAL customer service--from a website! I'm so impressed! THANK YOU!

It was a pleasure doing business with you folks. See you on the trails.....

Just wanted to say thank you. I placed my order on Monday and it's here (Eureka, CA) Wednesday a.m. You guys rock!

I would like to thank Zombie Runner for their help in getting me my last order. It arrived last night. Beyond Zombie Runner's selection and knowledge your commitment to your customers reinforces my decision to buy my trail running supplies from you. Thank you very much

This was so easy! Thanks for having an awesome shopping Web site.

How did I hear about store - multiple methods - other runners, run100's Website, Badwater crew, Western States runner, Fixing Your Feet, etc. etc.

I received my order (gaiters), tried them out, and am very happy with them! Thanks for offering great merchandise with inexpensive and fast shipping (even to Hawaii). Your service exceeded my expectations!

The foot care products that I purchased from you were fantastic (the foot care book is great). I have guite a supply remaining, but it helped me go from a blister riddled backpacking trip to another trip in The Bitterroots without any issues.

WOW! That came fast. Thanks for what you do.

Hey thanks so much. I'll refer you to all who need great running gear with even better service.

The person (female) that I talked to on the phone today was so helpful on solving my Vibram Five Fingers problem that I felt like I HAD to buy something. Thank you so very much.

Thank you so much! Now that is some excellent customer service-I will be visiting your site again and telling my friends about it, too!

Just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for great service and a GREAT product! I just received my skins running shirt in the mail. I am so impressed, not just with the top, but with your company ... from the friendly, personal service, to the timely shipment, to the nice touch of a cookie in the box! You will see more business from me and I will spread the word to my students, friends and family!

The package came today! I love my Drymax socks. And I love Zombies. Keep up the good work.

HOLY CRAP! A website that offers cheap USPS first class mail shipping. KUDOS to you. KUDOS out the yinyang.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am fully fueled and enlightened.

First I want to thank you for getting my order out of the store so quickly. I have a race next weekend that I'm travelling to, and I wasn't sure if I'd get my package before I left, with Thanksgiving, etc. I am once again amazed by your service!

I came to your site from Adventure Corps. I will bookmark it and shop again. My interest is long distance bicycle riding. Great site!

I ordered from you guys over the weekend and the order was shipped from you on Monday. I was amazed that the order arrived today!!!! Thank you so much.....you've earned a customer!

Holy crap, how hard do you rock? Package came through this morning - California to Sydney, barely 6 days after putting the order through: deadly!! It looks like you had all the carbs, electrolytes, socks and shoes bundled and packed about three hours after I finally decided what to get. Thanks again for doing us a solid, will be back and would totally recommend you for any runner with doubts about ordering gear from overseas. Stoked.

I think I'm going to become a ZombieRunner addict. You guys have the best stuff! Thanks again!

Your customer service is fantastic. That is hard to find in this day and time. Thanks again.

I love this site! I felt like I was in a candy store for grown ups. Thanks.

This is my first purchase. Nice site. Thanks so much!

I just wanted to say thanks for your help on the phone a couple of weeks ago to select a shoe. The NB 905's are great - my new favorite shoe - and your assistance with size selection was perfect - no more bruised big toes and a shoe that fits! The coffee was great as well. When asked what I want for my birthday this year, it will be a Zombie coffee subscription.

I visited your store for the first time today after trying to track down a La Sportiva dealer. I just wanted to tell you that it was a great experience. The staff was super knowledgeable, the selection was great and the coffee was really great. I came down from San Francisco because I needed shoes and was totally impressed with your store. Great book/dvd section. The staff wasn't pushy and was really patient. The guy that helped me, I didn't catch his name was really helpful and I was super happy with my purchase. Wish we had something like Zombie in SF. I do eCommerce for the Fitness Industry and while obviously your website has been very successful, I was glad to see a store to help support the Zombie cause. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

Thanks for offering all the great products and offering wonderful customer service! You guys always seem to have everything that I can't find at my local running store. Every ultra runner needs to use zombie runner.

Just a big thank you for running a top notch online business. As a return customer, I am always amazed at the quality of your packaging and excellent prices. Every time I get a package from you guys, it looks like someone cared to do it right. Will talk you up to my friends and keep up the good work and hope that you thrive in your business...

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the outstanding customer service experience. I placed my order on a Sunday night and by Tuesday afternoon it was in my mail. (Granted, I live just down the coast from ZombieRunner HQ in LA, but the rapidity of the delivery wildly exceeded the original estimates, which I think would make anyone happy). Thank you also for the free samples! An extremely satisfying experience overall - big thumbs up to everyone who received, processed and shipped my order at ZombieRunner. I will definitely do business with you again!

My wife and I love your site, we can get all we need in one place...thanks so much!

Anytime I think I'll just go to any store and purchase running gear I stop becuase where else can I combine my loves of running and zombies? You guys rock, keep it up and happy trails.

Thanks for the fast service. I ordered some Inov8s and they just arrived...only two days after placing the order, and they shoes are in perfect condition and fit me just right.

Can't imagine not having Zombie Runner. Thank you!

Hey zombie runner, just a note to thank you for epitomizing awesomeness. i recently ordered a pair of socks and was sent the wrong size (hey, it happens). when i called i was met w/ a pleasant gal that apoligized and offered to send me another pair in the right size right away. maybe this is business as usual for 'yall but it for sure put a little spot of warmness in my soul. i'll be back to zombie runner in the future for my running needs.