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BW - BADWATER Class 3 OSHA Short-Sleeve Shirt by ZZYXXZ



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Meets Death Valley National Park Daytime AND Nighttime Requirements for Support Crews.

New regulations (as of 2015) for sporting events held within Death Valley National Park require that ALL support crew members for the Badwater 135 wear a minimum of OSHA Class 2 (or higher) high-visibility clothing during daylight hours, and OSHA Class 3 high-visibility clothing during nighttime hours. These regulations may ONLY be met by wearing these special garments or by wearing certified OSHA Class 2 and Class 3 vests / jackets (such as highway workers wear).

We worked together with ZZYXXZ, makers of high-performance athletic gear with extensive reflective graphics, to develop ONE shirt that meets the regulations 24 hours a day, features the classic BADWATER ULTRAMARATHON logo, and is made of lightweight, comfortable, moisture-wicking material. Each shirt is fabricated by hand, one at a time, by Jill at ZZYXXZ.

This shirt meets both Class 2 daytime AND Class 3 nighttime regulations, thus it can be worn for the duration of the race. (You may sweat a little, so perhaps you will want two...)

To ensure that all support crew members are wearing what is mandated by the National Park Service, we are accepting pre-orders of these shirts until May 15 ONLY. Shirts ordered here through ZombieRunner will NOT be shipped in advance, they will only be available for pick-up at Runner Check-In in Death Valley.

NOTE: Runners and Pacers are not required to wear these garments, but at night they must wear 360 degree reflectivity (such as a reflective running vest by Nathan Sports) and blinky lights on the front and rear. Any person associated with a runner, who is not an active pacer, MUST meet OSHA Class 2 (or higher) requirements during the day and OSHA Class 3 requirements during the night. (Of course, we also encourage racers and pacers to wear these shirts, but they are not strictly required.)

When pre-ordering these shirts, since they will not be shipped to you, please do NOT include anything else in the ZombieRunner store in the same order. But please do visit the rest of the ZombieRunner store and place a separate order for any running gear or supplies you need AND that you want us to ship to you now!

NOTE: Our shopping cart system requires you to select a shipping address, but these garments will NOT be shipped.

Please see the Badwater Online Store for other Badwater items.

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