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Marathon and Beyond Magazine Subscription

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Marathon & Beyond is a perfect magazine for ZombieRunner customers. It's tailored specifically for marathoners and ultra runners.

Whether you're training for your first long-distance race or seeking new motivation for your running, Marathon & Beyond magazine should be an essential training tool.

Special offer for ZombieRunner customers:
New subscriptions and renewals will receive a free Headsweats Protech hat (with Marathon & Beyond logo), an $18 value. Just mention ZombieRunner in the comments box on the Marathon & Beyond subscription page.

Subscribe online at the Marathon & Beyond web site.

What is Marathon & Beyond?

Marathon & Beyond (M&B), which began in 1997, is a magazine tailored specifically for marathoners and ultra runners. M&B is edited and published by former Runner's World executive editor Richard Benyo and former FootNotes coeditor and Human Kinetics editor Jan Colarusso Seeley. M&B is published six times a year.

What is M&B's Mission?

Marathon & Beyond is designed to provide practical advice on running or preparing to run marathons and ultradistances. M&B includes easy-to-apply, cutting-edge scientific information, insightful examinations of the personal side of longer distance running, profiles of major marathons and ultramarathons, and regular columns focusing on specific aspects of running. The magazine also provides readers with a forum for sharing ideas, insights, questions, experiences, and concerns. M&B reaffirms the spirit of community, tradition, and collective experience. Marathoners, ultramarathoners, and those who want to become marathoners or ultramarathoners will enjoy the presentation of the important and useful information contained in each issue.

How is M&B different from Runner's Worldor Running Times? Runner's World (a glossy magazine published 12 times a year) includes content for a broad range of runners -- from track and field athletes and 5K and 10K athletes to multi-sport athletes and long-distance runners. The magazine covers races of every distance, up to the marathon. Runner's World appeals to many novice runners or those competing in shorter events. In Runner's World you'll also find product and shoe reviews, extensive race calendar listings, and race reports.

Running Times (a glossy magazine published 10 times a year) is pitched at more serious runners than Runner's World is, but it, too, covers a wide range of running events, from track races to marathons. As in Runner's World, you'll also find product and shoe reviews, extensive race calendar listings, and race reports in Running Times.

Marathon & Beyond offers focused content: everything in the magazine relates to marathons and ultramarathons -- training information, nutrition, race strategies, health concerns, and so on. You won't find articles like "10 Ways to a Faster 10K" or "5 Ways to Flatter Abs." M&B appeals to first-time and veteran long-distance runners. M&B offers practical information, easy-to-apply scientific information, and fascinating human interest and entertaining stories about marathoning and ultramarathoning. Most articles in RT and RW are 3 to 4 pages (500 to 1,500 words). Marathon & Beyond articles run as long as they need to be (sometimes 15 or 20 pages).

Subscribe online at the Marathon & Beyond web site.

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