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How to Use Lock Laces

1. Lace shoes up as you would regular shoelaces.

2. Once shoes are laced, press down on the button of the lock and thread each lace through each hole of the lock.

3. Pull the laces through the lock’s openings. At the desired fit of the shoe on the foot, release the button to initiate the locking device.

Optional Use:
Option A / For a secure fit  (Runners & Athletes) - Go to step 4
Option B / For an adjustable fit (Casual Wear) - Go to step 5

4. When you have the desired fit, knot each lace right at the openings of the lock (This keeps the laces in place so the fit of the shoe never changes).

5. Thread the remaining laces through the narrow end of the cord tip.

6. Take both laces and make a loop knot above the cord tip.

7. Using scissors, cut the laces just above the knot. Pull knot into the cord tip.

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