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The ZombieRunner bloggers are Gillian Robinson and Don Lundell, ultrarunners and co-owners of ZombieRunner.

We decided to start a blog so we could write about more than just running. But we wanted to write about running too. When we discovered ultramarathons, we were inspired to run long. We kind of egged each other on and quickly progressed from 50K to 50M to 100M and beyond. We even started making up runs on our own. “What if we ran from…?” is a common opening question in our conversations.

So what about the other stuff? We also like cooking. Part of the fun is learning techniques and understanding some of the science behind it. Don is into breads. Gillian has spent some time on chocolate. We both like putting together interesting meals, which means our Zombie Dinners are especially fun for us.

Then there are topics related to running: Don’s photography which often happens on the run or at running events, Gillian’s interest in physiology and the effects of endurance events on the endocrine system. Those are some of the things we’ll write about here.

We hope you enjoy the ZombieRunner Blog!