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The Running Dress

24660 515 I’ve tried a bunch of running skirts. I like them – not just for running – they’re also just easy to wear in the summer because they’re comfortable like running shorts but more modest looking. With all the different styles, there are only a few that I really like for running. Some have shorties under that ride up or contribute to chafing. Somewhere along the way someone figured that if we want to run in skirts, we might like dresses too. Well, that’s a whole other set of challenges. Getting the fit right is tough enough when it’s just the bottom, but top and bottom in one piece? Some of these running dresses even try to do the built in bra. Now you’re dealing with another set of factors. I knew that style wasn’t going to work for me, but I did find a cool looking dress that I thought would motivate me for a run. It’s the Patagonia Draft Dress. The tank in the same style has been really popular in our store. This dress doesn’t have a built-in bra, so you just wear whatever you like underneath.

So my test outfit the other morning was the dress, CW-X Xtra Support Bra, Drymax lite mesh no show tab socks, and Saucony Hurricanes. Oh yes, and here’s another thing. Running skirts have built in shorts or panties, so really they are skorts (I think most people have decided that’s a dumb name and stick with skirt). But, dresses have nothing underneath. So, I also tried out Patagonia Hipster underwear. I must say I was comfortable. The big plus with a dress: nothing tight at the waist. The fit of the dress is pretty nice, not clingy, but not baggy either. The length works great. Too long and you’re running in mom’s dress-up clothing, too short and, well, it’s just too short. I was a bit self-conscious, thinking, “Wow, I’m running in a dress.” I wanted to see if there were any reactions. Is this a weird thing to run in? But morning people are busy going about their morning stuff. So, overall, I liked it a lot and would definitely run in it again. Maybe my only complaint is that there’s only one tiny pocket – big enough maybe for a gel, but not big enough for my iPod. Otherwise, it’s light and fancy-free!


One Response to “The Running Dress”

  1. Coleem Says:

    I’ve found that here in the ridiculously hot and humid midwest, the dress is the coolest thing on a sweaty day… the breeze goes ALL the way up and keeps me from overheating. I agree with the no pockets dilemma though.