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Shoe News – New Balance

We just got a few new models from New Balance! I can’t help but be excited when we get shoe deliveries, no matter what kind of shoes they are. In fact, I get excited about all our deliveries – it’s like Christmas every day. Anyway, here’s the scoop on the New Balance stuff. Oh, and before anyone else gets too excited, the release date for the Minimus is March 1. So we still have to wait a bit for that one.


Nicely cushioned shoe. Update to the best-selling 1064. This model has more structure than a standard, cushioned neutral shoe. The heel has a firm cup, and the cushioning under the metatarsals behind the big toe is noticeable, which would provide some help to a runner who over-pronates at toe off. Some people will appreciate the bunion window and also the padded tongue.


The trail version of the regular 759, which is a neutral running shoe. Change the tread, add some waterproofing to the upper and voila! Flexible, cushioned trail running! I like the toe box on this shoe because it allows the toes to spread out, which makes people look more stable when I watch them run or walk. This shoe has a lower profile than other neutral shoes, in particular the 1080 above. The trail colors are earthy tones, so this also makes a good choice as a winter walking shoe.


The most inovative trail shoe so far this year. Stable and low profile, nice forefoot flex. Great protection is combined with a soft upper and super flexibility. There are no stitched overlays on the upper, which means added comfort. You could get away with sizing down in this shoe, since the fit for the toebox is so soft.


This is your basic trail shoe but with some nice styling. The tread is agressive, but it’s also the type of shoe you’d see people wear to the gym, just so that they don’t have to wear white shoes. It’s sturdy and supportive, certainly enough shoe for most of the trails around us here in the Bay Area.


Called the “go-to stability shoe” Update to the 760. This is your midweight stability shoe, with a cushioned heel and lower profile forefoot. The fit works for a lot of different feet (for people who need a stability shoe), and the ankle collar fit is super comfy.


We have a color update on this model, but this shoe is worth mentioning here in our new batch. It’s a lightweight stability racing shoe. This provides a firm, supportive heel with a super light, airy forefoot. Quite a combination! This makes for a great marathon racing shoe.

And another thing…

Notice the new numbering scheme? New Balance has started to standardize their numbering so that the digits and the place they’re in actually mean something. The transitional period may be confusing, but when it’s all worked out it should be a lot easier to figure out what shoe you need.

first digit – level of technology/features

second digit – type of performance (neutral, stability, etc)

third digit – category (0 for running shoes)

So the 1080 is 10 for great tecnology and features, 8 for neutral, and 0 for running. The 860 is 8 for good features, 6 for stability and 0 for running. 905 is from the old number scheme, but when it’s converted it will be 1190 – 11 for great technology, 9 for speed, and 0 for running. More to come soon. Stay tuned for the Minimus!


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