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ZombieRunner Bay Trail Run

Those runners might have felt like they were actually running *in* the Bay with the kind of weather we had Sunday morning. It was impressive that almost 300 people showed up for the combined distances of 5 miles, 1/2 marathon and marathon. This was a run put on by Coastal Trail Runs with ZombieRunner as the title sponsor! Don and I went to the start of the race an hour early so that we could help where needed (hand out shirts), say hi to the runners, and see the start of the races. It was raining, and runners looked a little soggy, but mostly smiling. I couldn’t help but notice everyone’s shoes – I saw a lot of Brooks, some New Balance 101s, FiveFinger Bikilas and Terra Plana Evos.

On Saturday, the day before the race, we had the packet pickup in our store! This was a first for ZombieRunner, and we enjoyed meeting so many of the runners. Some of them had never seen our store, so we were glad they came. Runners received a ZombieRunner hat (new design), goodies, and their race t-shirt from Coastal Trail Runs. They also got a 10% discount for shopping in the store. Zombie Dawson said it was one of the coolest days in the store ever, because everyone was so nice!

So, a big thanks to Coastal Trail Runs, and for sure ZombieRunner will sponsor more races and be the host for the pre-race activities. Congratulations to all the runners for braving the elements and enjoying some trails that Don and I started running on over 10 years ago.


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