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Running Unencumbered

kso black black[1]

I’ve mentioned to people that I’ve run to work. It’s really short (I’m lucky) – less than 2 miles according to Don. But if you do it every day it all adds up, so it’s good. And, since it’s so short, it’s a good opportunity to try out new shoes without worrying about overdoing it.

The other weekend I tried out the Vibram FiveFingers KSOs (again). I’ve run and walked and hung out in them some before, but it’s been about 6 months since I put them on. I get cold toes! And I wasn’t running for a few months. On Sunday I needed to get over to the ZombieRunner store to check on some things and rather than drive such a short distance, I ran. The other good thing was that I didn’t need my laptop, just some keys. So off I went with only that.

It’s a super light feeling to run in almost bare feet with no extra stuff. No water bottle, no backpack, no waistpack. I’m not sure if I was faster or slower, but I felt like running forever. This is the danger of the FiveFingers – over exuberance when your legs aren’t used to working that way. I sure felt it in my calves later. But in the meantime, on the run I was trying to figure out where exactly I should land on my foot and how exactly to get the heel down. Maybe the main thing is that even with low profile running shoes, we are still so used to having a heel, that no matter how you run in FiveFingers (or barefoot) it’s going to work your calves, just because the heel is now so low to the ground. So I tried not to think about it and basically land sort of midfoot and to the outside of the foot. That way I wouldn’t just tip-toe, which would really hurt my calves.

California Ave. has a year round farmer’s market every Sunday right in front of our store! Don turned up a little bit after I got there (and after I had cooled down) and we shopped for our breakfast/lunch and dinner items. There’s good stuff to eat right away like Raw Daddy’s cones, popcorn, baked goods, crepes, Indian food, and stuff for later like salad greens, micro greens (cool!), cheese, bread, roasted chicken and potatoes, other fresh vegetables, and a bunch more.

We had our breakfast patries with ZR coffee, fixed up the store for the upcoming week and headed for home.

Later in the day, we went on our real run, 2 hours or so out in the Los Altos Hills area. Sort of a road run, but dirt paths on the side of the road and a good amount of hills make it a psuedo trail run. I like it becuase there’s no driving involved. Just run out the door and in a short amount of time you’re in the hills!


One Response to “Running Unencumbered”

  1. Tom Jennings Says:

    Have you tried ChiRunning ? These look interesting Gillian, I may have to get a pair too now that warmer weather is coming up! I’ve tried my Nike Free 4.0′s and I love those, I guess these would be the next natural progression. :-)