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Morning Runs

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The other morning I did something I haven’t done in a long time. My schedule doesn’t allow it very well. I have a zombie work ethic – about 3 am is often the time I go to sleep, so there’s no extra time in the morning before business hours. Anyway, I got up before I had to go to the Zombie store and went for a RUN. It was even raining. The way to motivate yourself to run in the rain is to have some cool new gear to try out. I figured California rain was the perfect test for the Golite Bookcliffs wind jacket. It’s not a water proof piece, but it has wind/water resistance in the front and is totally breathable (great when it’s pretty warm out) in the back. The back is actually the same material as the Golite baselayers. But the best thing about this jacket is that it looks great. It doesn’t ride up and fits really nicely at the waist.

The run was about 45 minutes, out by Gunn High School, waved to many dog walkers and only one or two other runners. I also tested some shoes we are considering: the Brooks Racer ST 4. If you had told me a couple years ago that I could run in racing flats, I would have said no way. But now with the theories of barefoot running and mid/forefoot strike, running footwear has taken on a whole different dimension for me. This shoe is a stability racer, so it still has a heel and some dense material to provide support. The forefoot is very flat and the upper is super light. The design is snazzy – shiney black and gold laces – which I’m sure makes you run faster. Probably the part I liked most is the lack of plastic overlays. The open toebox design means there’s nothing nasty to pinch my feet. Still, I wonder if this shoe would work for people who need a little more width. I wear standard width women’s shoes and the Racer ST was ok for me, but it’s actually a unisex shoe.

By the time my run was over, I had figured out how to run in those shoes and was very comfortable. I loved the jacket. It didn’t swish loudly like some other ones I’ve tried. No chafing either. I didn’t feel tired at all, and best of all, I had the whole day ahead of me. The morning run also helps with maintaining body temperature through the rest of the day. Something about getting your circulation going. So, yes, provided I can get to bed before 2 am, the morning is my favorite time to run.


One Response to “Morning Runs”

  1. Clynton Taylor Says:

    Glad you got out! Sounds like a great run.

    I tried the Sugoi Hydrolite the other day and liked it a lot (though I haven’t much to compare it to).