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The Green Silence Sure Doesn’t Look It

Green Silence Shoe

So far, “Did Ronald McDonald design your shoes?” was the first question I got that gave me an inkling other people may not find the color scheme of the Brooks Green Silence racing flat as cool as I do. But I guess bright red and yellow aren’t for everyone.

Anyway, trends in minimalist footwear and eco-friendly production have come together to produce this shoe. Since I’ve been moving from super supportive (old Montrail Hardrock pre-09 and Continental Divide) to lighter weight trail shoes, I liked the idea of this shoe too. It’s not a trail shoe. The tread is quite flat. In fact, the whole shoe is quite flat. This suits my feet well, as I have low arches and like a wide platform. The fit of the shoe is roomy in the toe box and snugs up fairly well in the midfoot. The lacing system is asymetrical, with a one-sided tongue, but this stays in place better than expected.

For those who want a minimalist shoe, this racing flat might seem too cush, but the midsole is a single piece construction that has a flat profile. In other words, even though your foot is raised a little off the ground, your heel is not any higher than your forefoot. The upper is made of super light material that doesn’t create any pressure points. A big plus is that there are no heavy plastic overlays – this always scores points with me. At 6.9 ounces, the Green Silence is the lightest shoe on the ZombieRunner floor.

I took it out for a run around the block (I haven’t run very much lately) and after settling down a bit, felt happy in the shoes. I have yet to try them on a long run, but when I choose a pair of shoes to wear to the store every day, it’s the bright red and yellow ones that call to me. Here’s to happy running!


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