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ZombieRunner store coming to Palo Alto!

We’ve started moving into our new Zombie retail/warehouse. Lots more news soon…

Fine Arts Theater

Originally named for a small community, Mayfield, which was later annexed to Palo Alto, this theater was originally a simple Spanish Mission style structure, but was given a plain Moderne facade and marquee in the Fifties. In the early 2000s, it was the Jamil Rug Gallery. In April of 2008 it becomes ZombieRunner Headquarters.


So many shoes, so little time…

The New Zombie Space
The Zombies

The proud Zombies

15 Responses to “ZombieRunner store coming to Palo Alto!”

  1. Bill Latter Says:


    I wish you good luck in your new digs, and continued success. You guys are the best!

  2. Zombie George Says:

    I remember a few years ago when two talented and encouraging runners were dreaming of starting up a business to supply ultra runners with the goods we need. I was excited at the possibilities but a bit cautious about the outcome. I mean, how could selling supplies to ultra runners, such a small and specialized group of people, ever become a full time business?!?!? Well now I know. You have provided ALL of the goods we need at a fair price and your enthusiasm, graciousness and desire to spread good will has helped to put you in your new store!!! Congratulations to you both!!!!! You ARE the best!!!!!!

  3. Jason Says:

    Congratulations Gillian and Don on your successful business and new location!! You never mentioned it to me – but I’m happy to see it on your website.

    Let me know when you open (and your address/contact info) so I can post it on the ENGO website.

    Best of luck with the move. Talk to you soon!


  4. Miki Higuchi Says:

    Congratulations! Though I think I will miss seeing the cat when I pick up my stuff.

    I’m back to the student life nowadays. If you need summer help, let me know. I’m in! :)

  5. ChocoRunner Says:

    BIG CONGRATS my angels!! I am so proud of you Zombies!! It just seemed not too long ago when a friend of mine introduced me to DC via email. Hey, there’s this really cool and amazing ultrarunner dude who lives up north who does some coaching and then what’s even more exciting is that he has an equally phenomenal partner in life — Ultra G! Reach for the stars and dream big!! That’s DC and Gillian for you :-)

    I wish you all the best because you deserve it. I’m not just a loyal customer but a friend for life!! God Bless!!!


  6. Cindy Go-Go Says:

    Hey Don and Zombie-G,
    Congratulations on your new store. I am sure the cat will be the store mascot! Meanwhile you do have your living quarters back.

  7. Keith Says:

    I just stumbled across this from Anton’s blog. Wow! When’s the grand opening?

  8. Modesto Jack Says:

    Don & Gillian,
    My best to you. I hope that having a brick & mortar place won’t keep you off of the trails. It is always good to see you on the runs (and good to have someone around who can tape up feet as well). I do know that where ever you are, I can count on getting what I need in time to get it into the drop bags.
    You guys ARE the best,


  9. A Wanna Be Ironman Says:

    Hi Gillian and Don, from Brisbane Australia we wish you all the best with your new shop. Your online service rocks, your products and prices are the best by far worldwide! I am not sure why Australians by stuff here and not from you guys. Thanks heaps forthe GU gels and the GU2O. Cheers!

  10. Lynn Says:

    Congrats to you both. I always enjoy buying from you! You are the best. Any thoughts of opening a store in Southern Ca.? Preferably in the S.F. Valley :)
    Thanks again!

  11. Alex Says:

    So I can’t wait! When will you be open? I work in Palo Alto on occasion, and every time I do, I think about being able to check out the brick and mortar store…

  12. Lori Heinselman Craig Says:

    I look forward to checking out your shop next time I’m up visiting my brother! Congrats to you both!

  13. Tori Tyler Says:

    Congrats on opening a store in PA soon! I’m excited to see it open for I’m an avid college runner in the PA area. By any chance would you need extra employees to help out with the store in the summer? I’ve always wanted to work at a running store, but I didn’t know if you would be hiring.
    Thank you and good luck with the store.

  14. Brianna Says:

    Wow! My brother-in-law lives in Palo Alto – I’ll have to make sure to check you guys out there . . . it might be just the thing to get him back into some running shoes (and out for a run!).

  15. lil 1/2 pint Says:

    I finally had an opportunity to stop by your store when I was up in Northern California. I loved how it’s in the old theatre.