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RDL – Running Dead Last?


So what’s more fun than running a hundred miler? Helping out at one, and seeing a bunch of your friends finish. We knew we would be there at the Rio Del Lago 100 Miler for Carmela, who we’d been coaching for her first 100, but as it turned out, we were also there for George, Jakob and Rajeev, also finishing their first 100s! The weather was warm but not hot, and with so many aid stations accessible by crew and supporters, it was a great way for us to spend a weekend with a bunch of friends.

For the first half of the race Carmela, Rajeev and Jakob all ran together in a happy group. Things got tougher later, but Carmela hung in there, while I was pacing and Don and Gus (Carmela’s husband and crew extraordinaire) gave her great motivation at each aid station that they could. Early in the morning Carmela put on the speed (so much that I couldn’t keep up) guaranteeing that she would make the final cutoff in the race. She had dug deep and found her reserves. Don paced the final 10 miles and Carmela finished with a beautiful smile. The rest of our runners came in after her, also smiling. I’m sure they are still smiling now. The runner’s high from a first 100 miler seems to last for a while. Congratulations to all the finishers!


4 Responses to “RDL – Running Dead Last?”

  1. Lori Heinselman Craig Says:

    Hooray for Carmela! I’m so happy to hear she accomplished her goal. Can’t wait to hear all about it the next time we bump into each other at El Moro!

  2. Carmela Layson Says:

    Hey Lori,
    Thank you my friend =) I can’t wait to share our first 100 mile experience at El Moro. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Zombie George Says:


    You looked MARVELOUS at Rio! Congratulations of such a successful run and best wishes always!

    (~: Zombie George

  4. Jakob Says:

    Carmela was amazing. The first day we ran together. During the night she fell back a bit. But once the daylight came out she zoomed by all of us. If I had blinked my eye I would have missed her.

    Congratulations Carmela. Your company was nothing short than awesome. Can’t wait to see you on the trail again.

    And for Gillian and Don: You guys are THE BEST. Gillian made my feet feel good and Don knew how to talk to me so I could dig even deeper. THANK YOU!